Versatility in machines and finishes in response to customization needs

The modularity of the Rotatek machines offers many combinations to adapt them to the market requirements

In a competitive market, with a lot of quality offerings, what makes the difference is the ability to adapt to customer needs. That is one of the main reasons why Rotatek is a leading company in the printing machinery industry. The modular design of our high-performance machines provides an added value that is highly appreciated by printers, as it allows them to assemble the equipment they need to get the most out of their work, while optimizing costs. 

At Rotatek we study each case in detail to provide our customers with the solution that meets exactly the requirements of in-line printing and finishing, in the most efficient and productive way. Thanks to the complete modularity of our printing units, they can be combined in countless ways, offering the full range of in-line and single-pass finishing. In addition, they allow you to work with a wide variety of substrates. 

The quality of our machines, the complete customization in the finishes and the flexibility in the use of materials and printing formats are the answer to the most demanding versatility. 

Our offset, rotary and semi-rotary machines are complemented by the value-added modular units, which configure a wide range of technological possibilities to achieve impeccable resultsflat embossing and stamping, semi-rotary hot stamping, cold stamping and laminating, flat screen printing, semi-rotary embossing, flat screen printing, semi-rotary die-cutting, and sheet output unit. 

  • Flat embossing and stamping: allows hot stamping and embossing applications, sequentially or simultaneously.
  • Semi-rotary hot stampingwith micrometric pressure adjustment and foil saver that saves 90% of material. 
  • Cold stamping and laminatinglaminates either non-porous or filmic materials by applying glue or with self-adhesive film. 
  • Flat Embossing: High quality relief finishes bring added value to products in the most demanding markets, such as beverages, food and cosmetics.
  • Flat screen printingat Rotatek we have developed a unit able to screen print from fine lines to full surfaces, which reproduces even the smallest detail with a quantity and colour intensity unreachable with other printing technologies.
  • Die-cuttingallows for the die-cutting of self-adhesive labels of any format and with the utmost accuracy.
  • Sheet outputThis unit, which can be integrated in all Rotatek machines, cuts paper weights from 35 g/m2 and cardboard up to 300 g/m2.

The wide range of finishes and the the diversity of substrates we work with and the variety of our machines cover the needs of all printers, so we invite you to consult us about your particular case.