Hot Foil Stamping and Flatbed Embossing Unit

This innovative hot foil stamping and flatbed embossing printing unit is entirely modular and is compatible with the whole range of ROTATEK semi-rotary and full rotary  presses.

It enables hot foil stamping and flatbed embossing printing to be carried out in sequence and simultaneously. The upper plate has a heating system divided into multiple areas whose temperatures can be adjusted separately, which means that you can have a hot-foil stamping area at 180 ºC and embossing printing area at 50 ºC, when the two processes are carried out simultaneously.

The motorisation for the foil film is located at the top of the unit. It has a swivel head making it easy to load the rolls of foil at the front of the printer.

The plate and the counter plate for hot foil stamping and embossing printing can be quickly and accurately set up, since the system is equipped with a removable “plate carrier” that allows it to be prepared and adjusted away from the machine.

The machine allows a maximum format of 400 mm when carrying out only stamping or only relief printing. When the two techniques are applied simultaneously, the maximum format is 240 mm.

The pressing action is servo-driven and shaftless. The unit enables one or more than one imprint to be made per format, and can carry out as many as 9,000 impressions per hour.

The longitudinal adjustment is made using servo-activated drives on buffers at the machine’s infeed and outfeed which enable a very precise positioning of the format. Transverse and diagonal adjustments can also be carried out using the unit’s motorised spindles.

This module unquestionably offers high durability quality, speed and precision.

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