Correct printing for each market

Rotatek rotary and semi-rotary machinery offer the best quality solutions for all kinds of sectors

Image is a differential value in the face of competition. Commercial products have to stand out to attract the consumer’s attention; therefore it is ever more important to have printing solutions which convey quality. Clear attractive labelling is no longer a whim but an essential element. Obviously an optimum quality finish does not guarantee product quality; however, a quality product without a good finish, will find it hard to achieve an optimal commercial journey.

At Rotatek we manufacture printing press for a wide variety of markets. Investment in technological innovation and 50 years’ experience enable us to adapt to our customers’ needs via the most efficient productive solution and highest added value.

Which markets are appropriate for Rotatek machinery?

From the most traditional labelling, printing commercial materials, working with all kinds of substrates, to the most effective solutions to respond to new needs, Rotatek machinery offers the best quality for every market.

Label printing

Rotatek machinery combines printing and inline finishing technologies to obtain high quality customised labels in all kinds of material: self-adhesive, shrink sleeves, in-mould labels, wrap-around labels, white labels, aluminium, PVC, PET, polyester, coupons, sachets, etc. The versatility of our semi-rotary presses (Brava 350), semi-rotary/rotary presses (Brava 450) and combined offset-flexo rotary presses (Universal) respond to all the needs of the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, personal care and drinks industries.

Laminate tube

Inline rotary presses combine different technologies in a single stroke enabling printing enrichment with visual design effects giving the product high added value. The variable offset via interchangeable sleeves offers the possibility of carrying out multiple work changes while minimising preparation time.

Folding carton

Our Universal, Perfect NT machines, equipped with the latest Shaftless Drive technology offer the necessary flexibility and versatility for customised quality printing on folding carton, thus optimising costs and minimising waste.

Security printing

The security document printing market is on the increase worldwide due to great concern regarding brand protection and fight against falsification. Our Perfect NT and RK-250 Plus machines are specialised in inline security system applications for: tickets, bank documents, checks, boarding and telephone cards, tickets, diplomas, official certificates, stamps and any other sensitive product. The combination of wet or dry offset, hot stamping, screen printing, flexography, UV, luminescent, erasable, reactive and shimmery effect inks or digital numbering provided the necessary quality and versatility with zigzag, sheet or coil finishes.

Shrink-wrapped labels

Sleeves are replacing paper and self-adhesive labels since they facilitate temporary personalisation of products and adapt to all shapes. Our combined offset presses offer the flexibility required for short runs, optimising times and costs, plus the possibility of combining: offset, flexo, cold stamping, UV and hot air inline drying technologies.

In-mould labels

Via injection applied to a plastic or paper label during the recipient manufacturing process, so it becomes integrated in the end product. The Rotatek combined offset offer the best features for inline and high speed in-mould labels.

Commercial printing

The demands of speed, productivity and long runs requiring commercial printing have their response in our offset rotary presses Universal, Perfect NT and RK-250 Plus.

Pharmaceutical inserts

High quality printing, speed and cost optimisation are the main demands of pharmaceutical insert printing. Our offset rotary presses, equipped to print on special paper from 40 g upwards, enable the combination of 2 or 4 offset units, turner bars, web and sheeter.

Flexible packaging

Our Universal and Perfect NT machines offer high quality offset printing, high speed, combination of printing and inline finish technologies, plus reduced costs in consumables, to respond to the flexible packaging market demands. Customization of each work is absolute; moreover, the incorporation of cold cylinders enables printing on numerous filmic substrates like: BOPP, PET and PVC, from thicknesses as little as 20 microns.


Rotatek semi-rotary presses enable the continuous printing required by the aluminium and pharmaceutical blister Variable format flexo and offset machines with interchangeable sleeves are also effective.

Transactional forms

Absolute customization and high-quality printing of long runs with reduced costs are the main requirements of form printing. Our modular robust reliable offset rotary presses RK-250 Plus and Perfect NT, with their excellent Price-quality ratio provide the best response.