Meet our partner Rotatek Brazil

Our South American partner is a leader company in the development of machinery for the graphic sector

Since 1985, Rotatek has presence in BrazilAs it happens in Europe, our South American partner is a leading firm in the development of quality machinery for the graphic sector.  

Located in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, producing multidisciplinary equipment, in terms of the customization needs of its clients: offset, flexography and hybrid machines that combine a diverse system of finishes online, responding to the quality requirements of the market.  

Modularity is a sign of Rotatek’s identity in the entire world, for this reason the printers our Brazilian partner offer a wide range of possibilities to cover all needs: rotary and semi-rotary offset, flexography, plant screen printing, hot and cold stamping, laminating and digital printing and sheet or reel output. 

One of the main added values offered by Rotatek, also in Brazil, is the after-sales service, to support its clients in the adaptation of the new technologies and providing the accessories they need. 

Since 2014, Rotatek Brazil counts with a digital solutions division. Digital printing is focused on labels and the adhesive market, especially for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, with low migration inks. 

Rotatek is committed with quality and sustainability. In its Brazilian headquarters, initiatives are developed to minimize the consumption of raw materials, optimize the use of energy and recycle residues resulting from the industrial processes.  

Moreover, Rotatek products are free of volatile organic compounds (VOC), so they work with 100% solid UV and EB-curable inks.