Quality post-sales and customer service mark the difference

At Rotatek we attend demands for repair in less than 24 hours and send spares worldwide.

When manufacturing machinery having an efficient post-sales and customer service with rapid response marks the difference. A manufacturer’s work is not finished on closing the sale, since customers want to know whether they will receive the assistance they deserve, should they so require, in addition to providing efficient solutions.

In addition to this, we should not obviate the importance of inputs obtained through post-sales contact to improve our products. The study of how machinery integrated in the production chain behaves and customers’ assessments provide highly valuable information in the search for maximum quality.

What does post-sales service include?

  • Technical services: contemplate installing machinery, their maintenance and necessary repairs.
  • Training: to ensure correct machine use and obtain the best performance, training should be given to the technical personnel who will be operating the same.
  • Handling complaints: although sporadical, implementation of a protocol to satisfactorily resolve any customer complaint is important.

Rotatek post-sales and customer service

At Rotatek, our customers receive the treatment they deserve; therefore, if necessary, both our electronic and mechanical technicians attend any problems arising with our machinery in less than 24 hours.

Our customers’ problems are often resolved with the replacement of a specific part, which they can do themselves. Our post-sales department, not only deals with repairs but it also sends spare parts to anywhere in the world from our warehouse, which prevents any unnecessary production stoppages.

Lastly, technological innovation enables us to access any of our machines in real time. Thanks to a remote connection system on our serve we can obtain information almost instantly and so we can frequently solve the problem quickly and remotely.