Brava 450: the only offset press with rotary or semi-rotary system

Our machine has improved its features with a servomotor activated flatbed screen printing

The Rotatek Brava 450 is the only press on the market which allows you to wet offset printing in semi-rotary and rotary systems, depending on the needs of the task. The semi-rotary system enables fully automatic feed changes, offering the flexibility required for short print runs; whereas the rotary ensures maximum profitability for long print runs.

Made up of an unwinder, rewinder, 6 offset modules and a flexography unit, the Brava 450 improves its features even more with the incorporation of a new servomotor activated flatbed screen printing module, instead of the traditional pneumatic system.

Thanks to this innovation, all adjustments are configured digitally, with a touch screen, thus gaining in printing accuracy and speed in relation to mechanical adjustments associated with the pneumatic system.

It has a printing width of up to 420 mm, with a range of substrate widths going from 150 to 450 mm; together with a high speed that reaches 12,000 cycles/hour in semi-rotary mode and 150 metres/minute in rotary mode, making Brava 450 the most efficient and productive printing press on the market.

Differentiating characteristics

The innovative servomotor flatbed screen printing module adds to the other differentiating characteristics:

  • Unwinder equipped with crown treatment. Via a high frequency discharge the ink becomes firmly embedded in the substrate without deterioration in time.
  • Cold cylinders in the offset towers for filmic materials. Thanks to its UV ray drying system the filmic material shrinks and the cold cylinder reduces the substrate temperature to prevent deformations.
  • Centralised monitoring from the main panel with integrated control of registry, automatic inkwells and video camera with BST system.
  • Possibility of memorising tasks, system modification in very short time frames with less waste, colour curve management from the Cip4 file.
  • Die stamp equipped withGap – Master de Kosher& Beck system.
  • Remote assistance via Ethernet.

The high quality features of Brava 450 enable it to undertake any printing work of: self-adhesive and shrink-wrap labels, laminated pipes, aluminium, sleeves and paper for a wide range of markets: wine, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, food, personal care, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and electronics.

Sales agreement with the German company Hess Etiketten

Brava 450 quality has convinced one of the major German labelling companies. The sales agreement between Rotatek and Hess GmbH & Co. KG was recently closed with the visit of its executive director, Ingo Hess, and the machine has already been taken to their premises in Krefeld, known as the silk city in the North Rhine-Westphalia region.

Hess manufactures printed and unprinted labels for very different industrial sectors, namely: automotive, chemical, cosmetics, food and logistics.