What embossing units are for

The labelling market is tending towards shorter runs, and brands are trying to make the most of the differential value provided by images in order to remain competitive. Labels and packaging have become increasingly important communication elements, and for this reason it is critical to take advantage of the new functionalities offered by printing technology, such as modular embossing units.

Those who invest in the right equipment are not only able to deliver better quality work, but also, in the current global economic climate, they can optimise costs.

This is why versatility is a feature that must be guaranteed by printing machine manufacturers, and the best way to do this is through modular equipment, such as that offered by Rotatek.

Rotary or semi-rotary offset printing allows the high quality demands of customers to be met while offering the flexibility to change jobs quickly and easily. In addition, the modularity of the equipment opens up a wide range of possibilities in terms of the variety of finishes and substrates.

Our machines offer a wide range of combinations thanks to the value-added units, including the stamping units, which we featured in a previous article, and the embossing units, which we will focus on in the next few lines.

Modular flat relief unite 

One of the main strengths of our value-added units is their adaptability. The Flatbed embossing unit, equipped with an independent servomotor, is adaptable to all Rotatek semi-rotary and finishing machines.

Why print in flat relief? Quite simply, because it offers a very high quality finishing and is therefore ideal for high value-added labels and packaging, such as those required for wine bottles, cosmetics, spirits and food items.

The embossing plates contain the image to be transferred to the substrate. The top plate is movable and allows adjusting the depth of the relief. Since this is a two-plate system, male-female, the same point can be embossed several times, depending on the required embossing depth. Moreover, the unit can be adjusted diagonally and transversely by means of motorised spindles.

Semi-rotary relief unit

Our embossing unit for semi-rotary machines has the great advantage of agility when changing jobs. It allows the loading of multiple embossing designs in different formats (minimum 200 mm maximum 400 mm) without the need to change any cylinder, simply by replacing the magnetic plate that transfers the image to the substrate.

It is suitable for a wide range of materials, such as paper, self-adhesive labels or cardstock. In addition, it has a pressure adjustment system that offers the maximum precision in embossing.