What are the stamping units for?

Rotatek equipment includes hot foil stamping, embossing and flat foil stamping units, as well as laminating and cold foil stamping units

Stamping is one of the most popular printing techniques because it enables high-quality image reproduction. Consumer product manufacturers need to differentiate themselves from the competition, and both labelling and packaging are elements that allow them to play with attractive designs that can catch the eye of consumers. Technological developments have improved the performance of all types of presses on all types of substrates, and the combination of solutions that modular presses make possible in industrial printing really makes a difference.

At Rotatek we are driven by the wish to provide our customers with solutions with high added value, based on technology, experience and knowledge of the needs of each market. We make the most of the modularity of our equipment to meet any printing challenge and this ambition leads to such interesting innovations as hot foil stamping, embossing and flat embossing, cold foiling and cold stamping units.

Raised print and flat embossing unit

Rotatek offset presses incorporate flat finishing systems, adaptable to both rotary and semi-rotary printing. They are designed with two servomotors independent of the line pull, allowing the programming of the movement cycles, to achieve different pressing cycles in the same format.

This also allows the same unit to carry out both flat and relief embossing simultaneously, which brings efficiency and quality to the finishes.

The relief and flat embossing unit has a heating system with two independently regulated temperature zones, which allows printing both hot foil stamping at 180ºC and embossing at 50ºC.

The upper part of the module houses the foil film driving area. The reels are extremely easy to load and adjust, as well as the removable embossing and embossing fingerprint holder.

The machine achieves 9,000 press cycles per hour. It can handle substrates up to 400 mm wide when working in one of the printing methods; if you combine both methods, the maximum width is 240 mm.

Cold stamping and laminating unit

Our Brava 350, a semi-rotary machine, and the Brava 450, which combines rotary and semi-rotary systems, incorporate a cold foil stamping unit, perfect for foil application at speeds of up to 6,000 cycles per hour.

The great advantage of this module lies in the optimisation of resources it offers, which makes it a very economical foil application system. It can work with self-adhesive laminated material ideal for non-porous or filmic substrates or by applying the glue on the preceding printing unit, either offset or flexographic.

The modularity of our printing equipment translates into versatility and adaptability to achieve the best results for each specific job.

Hot stamping unit

At Rotatek we have developed, with our own technology, a state-of-the-art hot stamping unit for our semi-rotary machines. With the Rotatek seal of identity, it combines the sturdy design characteristic of our equipment with a micrometric pressure adjustment, which offers the utmost accuracy and differential stamping quality.

This unit, perfect for working with textured materials, includes the ultra foil saver system, which saves up to 90% of the foil. It also offers unbeatable changeover times and allows the use of magnesium plates, which are ideal for short and medium runs.

Magnesium plates do not warp, are lightweight, durable and economical, and offer high stamping speed, because they heat up quickly.

To find out more about all the advantages of our stamping units, we invite you to contact us.