Universal: versatility for all kinds of projects

Combined offset and flexo sleeve rotary press offers the highest printing quality for a wide variety of substrates

Today, flexibility is one of the greatest demands in printing presses to adapt the same technology to the needs of a wide variety of projects, with the best results at all times. A revolutionary tool making this target possible is the Universal industrial printing press. Being a modular equipment type, it offers multiple end finishes via a large number of online process combinations which always enables this in a single stroke.

To do this, the machine has offset-flexo technologies together with a system of lightweight interchangeable sleeves patented by our company and enabling plates to be changed in less than a minute. This record together with the work of the sheeting unit at a speed of 250 m/min, exploits production times to the maximum without sacrificing total quality control.

However, the interchangeable sleeves not only provide Universal production with speed but they also make changing formats much easier, i.e. you need to remove two light plate and rubber sleeves and fit the new ones, resulting in the availability of different machinery in one simply by changing one part. This system likewise has the advantage of lower printing costs in different formats including a lower pre-printing cost than that of flexo plates or rotogravure rollers.

As to the sizes admitted by this tool, it is worth highlighting it is the widest Rotatek, another factor favouring its great adaptation capacity. There are 2 versions: 520 mm maximum substrate width or 680 mm (with 220 being the minimum in both cases). Regarding the usable printing surface, the maximum widths are 500 mm and 660 mm, respectively. When added to the other technical specifications, we have a tool with a wide range of possibilities.

Adaptation to a wide range of formats and markets

Thanks to all its advantages, the Universal is capable of working a wide variety of printing substrates, such as: films, PVC from 15 to 400 microns, PET, BOPP, heat-shrink materials, self-adhesive paper, carton boards and foldable boxes from 150 to 400 g/m2, paper; and even aluminium. This fact opens it up to all kinds of markets: food and non-alcoholic beverages, pharmacy, cosmetics and security. Indeed, it most common applications are focused on printing: flexible packaging, folding carton, labels, transactional and security documents, among others, and particularly in low-weight paper.

With all the foregoing, here at Rotatek we customise each machine which leaves our premises to the client’s factory to provide a complete unique solution. The Universal with its multiple configurations, processes and finishes possible, is simply an example of what can be achieved with a tool customised to needs.