Official Statement – COVID-19

In view of the extraordinary situation we are all facing, and following the declaration of the state of alert on Saturday 14 March 2020, the daily activity of the entire population is being affected by the confinement decreed and by the limitations imposed on the movement of people and goods in order to prevent the expansion of the virus and its possible consequences.

These new circumstances, which change on a daily basis, have obliged Rotatek to take measures to guarantee the health of all the people who work with us, to maintain our service to customers and suppliers and to continue to provide our services for as long as possible.

For this reason, we are applying all the recommended measures to minimise the possible risk of infection of workers, clients and collaborators, while also contributing to reducing the spread of the virus. These measures include the application of factory shifts, and our employees are being provided with assistance to work from home in order to attend to all the customers and suppliers that require our services in our usual working hours.

Finally, we realise that this crisis is disrupting the normal state of affairs and that the participation and cooperation of everyone is called for to overcome these difficulties as soon as possible. We therefore wish you to know that we are at your disposal to clear up any enquiries you may have about our service and to minimise any inconveniences arising from the situation.


The General Management of Rotatek