What is die-cutting and what is it for?

ROTATEK’s semi-rotary die-cutting unit offers the best quality and accuracy for self-adhesive multi-material labels

Die-cutting is a technique that allows to reproduce uneven shapes on any substrate, e.g. self-adhesive labels. Using a die cutter – the part that takes on the original design – cuts or slits are made in the material to which it is applied by the action of blades specifically designed for the required function. They can be for cutting, marking, perforating or semi-cutting. This is the case of ROTATEK’s semi-rotary die-cutting unit, designed to die-cut, with the highest quality, self-adhesive labels on multiple substrates.

One of the great advantages of the semi-rotary system is the possibility of working with all types of label formats without having to make any major adjustments to the machine or change any cylinders. The only previous operation consists of replacing the magnetic plate; in this way, the format and design of the labels to be die-cut is modified.

How to get a quality die-cut?

Die-cutting is a technique widely used in the labelling market because it allows substrates to be given original and attractive shapes from the point of view of commercial impact. But to achieve the desired result, it is essential to have the right technical equipment and the right quality materials.

As mentioned above, the different types of die-cutting are achieved through the action of special blades:

  • Cutting: to cut through the substrate.
  • Marking: to shape folds or folds.
  • Drilling: performing a pre-cut in the substrate so that it can be torn later manually.
  • Semi-cutting: when only part of the substrate has to be cut.

Our semi-rotary die-cutting unit has a fine adjustment system which, using a pressure adjustment control, provides maximum accuracy in die-cutting. The quality of the cut relies on the material used, the design of the cutting unit, the die and the pressure it exerts, the type of substrate and the inks used.

The semi-rotary die-cutting unit is also equipped with an additional matrix stripping system for stripping complex label shapes.

Offset printing technology offers the best value for money in label printing. The semi-rotary system, incorporated in the ROTATEK Brava 450 and 350 machines, also provides agility in all processes, without the need for format changes.