RK-250 PLUS, the Rotatek offset press that offers the best performance for the pharmaceutical industry

Its modular configuration makes this rotary press the ideal machine to print runs of any size

The Rotatek RK-250 PLUS offset press meets the highest demands for color printing of all types of pharmaceutical leaflets, as well as transactional and security documents. It works with paper weights from 35 to 180 grams / m2, and a wide variety of substrates, including self-adhesive paper, card stock, folding box and aluminium.

These are some of its competitive edges:

  • High printing quality.
  • Easy preparation of works.
  • High mechanical speed: 250 meters / minute in coil-coil printing, 150 m / min in coil-sheet printing, and 200 m / min in coil-zigzag.

The high quality of the RK-250 PLUS configuration makes it the ideal machine to produce print runs of any volume. It works with a maximum printing width of 480 mm, and supports a minimum paper web width of 150 mm.

The machine is prepared in line, in an optimised way to ease the handling of the finished jobs, which can be folded in zigzag, by cutting and stacking the sheets, or with a reel output.

Other outstanding features of the RK-250 PLUS are:

  • A design that allows for quick changes in both format and offset printing units..
  • It is equipped with 16-roller batteries.
  • The ink fountains are located at the front of the machine.
  • Self-zeroing position and longitudinal control by remote control.

The combination of all its strengths results in a versatile, highly productive print press that is unmatched in terms of speed and print quality.

Modular configuration for maximum versatility

To all this we must add what is the main hallmark of Rotatek machines: their modular structure, always with the aim of offering maximum versatility and satisfying the customisation needs of each customer.

The modular system of the RK-250 PLUS allows for the configuration of multiple offset printing groups and the integration of different printing methods: flexographic, digital, serigraphy, etc., according to the specifications of the job to be done. It has almost unlimited possibilities thanks to the integration of finishes and in-line verification elements.

Among the functionalities included in the in-line combination package we find:

  • Additional positions for cross drilling.
  • Monitored side register.
  • Automatic cleaning.
  • Motorised inkwell adjustment.
  • Production management system.
  • Battery release.
  • Numbering, typographical, flexographic, magnetic cylinder die-cutting and silk-screen printing units.
  • Drying by UV, hot air or infrared (IR).
  • Battery motorization.
  • Plate position corrector.
  • Ink beater.
  • Second archive position.
  • Metric option.
  • Battery booster.
  • Batcher/stacker.
  • Exit to sheets or broadsheets.
  • In-jet head.

The RK-250 PLUS offset press is designed and manufactured according to the highest quality standards found in all products within the Rotatek family.