PRINT 2000 answers challenges with developments

The printing house, located in Kecskemét, after conventional printed products, forges ahead in the market of packaging materials

Already in the years after the establishment in 1994, the fully Hungarian property Print 2000 Nyomda Kft. became – from microenterprise – a significant medium-sized plant of its region, with an annual income of 700 million HUF. Besides continuous development, exigent professional work and fair business behaviour were the criterion of the continuously growing company, producing packaging materials, conventional printed products, and advertising materials. The aim of their latest investments was not only modernization, but the renewal of the product structure.

Integrated, diverse printing technologies, 5000 m2 manufacturing base, a qualified professional team of 65 employees, these characterise the infrastructure of Print 2000 Nyomda Kft.

With the application of high-speed offset printing machines, versatile digital machines, web flexo-printing machine and hybrid machines Print 2000 Nyomda is one of the most notable producers in Hungary. In the years after the financial world crisis, the producing of packaging materials became more pronounced, instead of the traditional main direction (books, magazines, leaflets, bound products, etc.)

– We produce many kinds of products, for example not only advertising materials, promotional paper bags, boxes, foils, but materials, which need special solutions, in short- and in long-runs too. This diversity not only guarantees quality and reliability, but it’s beneficial for our customers too. As a medium-sized company, we can easily implement short-run jobs, but we complete big orders just as flexibly and fast too, for any kind of product with any solution – told us the general manager, Mr. Tibor Szakálas.

In the recent years, Print 2000 made many important developments, in the hundred-million order of magnitude. In the middle of summer, they replaced their 5-colour + varnishing offset printing machine, and the technology for the digital printing forme making, within an altogether 450 million HUF investment. Another, already mentioned, remarkable investment is the hybrid printing technology, which incorporates more technologies in one system.

– We expect to be able to forge ahead in the market with our new Rotatek printing machine. Besides 2 flexo- and 5 offset printing units, we are able to do die-cutting, cold foiling, embossing and sheeting within one machine. So we have the possibility to let go the expensive charges of printing forme making, and we are able to produce almost all commercial packaging materials – as the general manager Mr. András Kovács summarized the main points of development.

The two managing partners confirmed: though their aim is searching for new customers, it is also very important for them, to ensure that they provide their existing customer base with high-quality products and competitive prices.

According to the recent news, the expected developments will be not only be professional and technological, but also quantitative improvements. As the management told us, with the planned developments, they can capitalise on the growth potential of the company and significantly increase their current production output.