Perfect NT: the offset press with the best quality/productivity ratio on the market

Its print speed and versatility make it ideal for medium to long print runs of high value documents

Perfect NT, by Rotatek is the ideal   offset press   for medium and long print runs. Using shaftless technology, which dispenses with shaft and gearbox transmission, it achieves maximum automation that results into time and material optimization (and less waste), and maximum reliability in terms of printing and colour registration.

Moreover, as with the other Rotatek machines, the modular configuration of the Perfect NT allows it to be adapted to the needs of each customer. The standard setup includes the offset printing unit, the processing unit, the sheeter cutter, the folding machine unit, and the stacking and rewinding units.

With its in-line combinations, the possibilities for customisation multiply, since numbering, flexography, dry offset, rotogravure, screen printing, cold or hot stamping and die-cutting units can be added. It has an automatized system for ink and register control, video camera, variable data inkjet information, continuous rewinding rewinding and winding and ultraviolet (UV), drying process by electron beam (EB) or hot air.

The Perfect NT reaches a printing speed of up to 350 metres/minute and supports substrates from 150 to 520mm wideThese are some of the media it works with: 

  • Plastic films: bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP), the most commonly used in flexible packaging; polyethylene terephthalate (PET), widely used in beverage and textile packaging; polyvinyl chloride (PVC), commonly used in many industrial sectors due to its great versatility. 
  • Aluminium. 
  • Films and self-adhesive paper. 
  • Pasteboard. 
  • Thermal paper and carbon-free copy paper.
  • Paper with densities between 40 and 250 grams/m2.
  • Shrinkable sleeves.
  • in-mould labelling, 

The speed and versatility it delivers, together with its sturdiness and reliability, high inking capacity, fast makeready, remote-controlled longitudinal register and accuracy, make the Perfect NT the offset press of its range with the best quality/productivity ratio in the market.

It is particularly suitable for jobs that demand a combination of various printing processes, such as high-value documents such as vouchers, diplomas, stamped paper, transport tickets, tickets for all kinds of events and cheques.

It also offers the best performance for labelling wines and other alcoholic: also drinks, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products labels and for the packaging industry.

We invite you to contact us to gert the full details of the Perfect NT.