A vital packaging industry for the supply of basic resources

Sector factories must respond to consumption demands with high productivity, likewise the machinery

The health crisis due to COVID-19 and everything that implies has meant the manufacture in many production branches throughout our country has in general been on hold for some time due to lockdown. Whereas the food industry has acquired considerable weight due to the need to supply supermarkets at a greater rate, likewise a sector which goes hand in hand to complete the process, i.e. the folding carton and packaging industry. In this context high output and performance was demanded in both stages; therefore, it is important machinery are able to absorb this production increase complying with the same quality requirements.

To achieve these goals, it is essential to have industrial rotary printing presses which combine multiple printing and finishing technologies. In fact, our machinery range for this market has two strong options, namely the Universal and Perfect NT. Both machines are combined Offset UV on lines equipped with the latest Shaftless Drive to meet the highest requirements of a market characterised by customisation and the need to provide customers with high added value.

To this end, modularity is also essential to be able apply different finishes on the same production line. At Rotatek we provide a great combination of technologies to offer a unique machine with all the results required: offset, flexo, hot stamping, screen printing, cold stamping, embossing, die cutting, lamination, sheeter and rotogravure, among others.

In addition to the high output of these printing presses, the manufacture of long print runs of folding cartons and flexible packaging with filmic substrates requires lower production costs and intermediate processes, as well as minimal setup and waste costs. Thanks to the Universal and Perfect NT technology, all these conditions are met with the utmost guarantees.

Nevertheless, high output demand due to consumption increase does not imply waiving total product control. In fact, today it is impossible to renounce the high quality imposed as added value in the packaging industry. Offset UV we work with in our machines offers great printing precision and intensity, besides perfectly adapting to the multiple formats of all kinds of projects.