The competitive advantages of Rotatek machines in pharmaceutical leaflet printing

Web offset technology gives the best answer to the high demands of quality, productivity and safety

The pharmaceutical industry requires suppliers who are able to guarantee the highest quality of their products and services. Printing drug leaflets is an operation that demands production speed and total accuracy. The pharmaceutical sector has extremely strict regulations, which affect all links in the drug supply chain, including, of course, the characteristics of the package leaflets.

Web offset printing technology is the most efficient, because it meets the quality requirements: it prints the front and back of the paper in a single sstep and whatever the grammage, it does so at the highest speed. In other words, the low grammages used for leaflets do not affect the speed of the machine.

This is a major competitive advantage over sheetfed printing, which does not accept grammages below 35 grams/m2. In addition, the reels are more economical, require less space for handling and reach a higher production speed, which has an impact on profitability.

Perfect NT offset press: quality, safety and profitability

The Perfect NT offset press from Rotatek offers the highest performance in terms of safety, quality and cost-effectiveness. And it does all this at an unbeatable production speed, offering ease of operation and the best value for money on the market.

We are well aware of the increasing demands on quality and productivity in all sectors, which is why our presses are optimally set up in line for product handling, with zigzag folding, sheet cutting and stacking, and reel delivery.

The trend in the pharmaceutical industry is towards shorter runs and tighter deadlines. This demands greater flexibility and faster printing speeds from printers. In this context, the Perfect NT offers useful applications, such as the prepress connection, which ensures efficient job changeover, and the storage of machine settings for repeat orders, which provides greater agility and speed.

Modular machines offering flexibility and versatility

Another feature, common to all our machines, is their modularity, which provides flexibility and versatility, as it allows us to configure multiple offset printing groups, as well as to combine them with modules for flexographic, digital and finishing printing, depending on the needs of each job. In other words, we provide tailor-made solutions.

In the printing process of pharmaceutical leaflets, the slightest mistake can be fatal. It is necessary to work with absolute meticulousness to avoid mistakes. A missing dot, a wrong number, or a deviation in colour is not acceptable. Every job must be checked thoroughly. The Perfect NT press allows an integrated inspection system which detects any errors, both in-line and off-line.

Universal 520 or 680, another option for printing pharmaceutical leaflets

For the printing of pharmaceutical leaflets, at Rotatek we also have the Universal, 520 and 680 machines, which offer the possibility of using interchangeable formats of light sleeves. This system provides an increase in production and profitability that is around 30% greater than that of conventional rotary printing.

Another characteristic of Universal machines is their modularity, so that they adapt to any configuration of in-line processes and provide versatility and a wide variety of finishes. They allow working with film materials, 35 g / m2 papers, aluminium, and other substrates commonly used in the pharmaceutical sector. In addition, the Universal is fully servo-driven, which considerably facilitates both its handling and the print quality.